About Me, And JBP

Just Black Pearls (JBP) started out as a site dedicated solely to Tahitian Black pearls, but while studying to be a Certified Pearl Specialist, I was delighted to discover the incredible beauty and great diversity in all His pearls.

I am so grateful for that knowledge and that I now get to share it with you! So, on this site, you will find...

  • Casual, fun, trendy, even funky jewelry featuring imitation pearls,
  • Contemporary, yet classy jewelry, some with imitation pearls, but most with very good quality freshwater pearls.
  • Traditional, elegant pearl pieces, some of which feature higher-quality imitation pearls, but many more are of top-quality freshwater pearls that rival their saltwater cousins in beauty.
  • Statement pearls...these are what pearl lovers live for, that "pearl of great price." And yes, they are greatly priced, but just as referenced in the quote, the true value is the joy of embracing a precious treasure. (And made by such a humble creature!)
  • Then, of course, I absolutely must present the Tahitian Black pearls as they were my first true pearl love...

I also have put together a "When Buying Pearls" page with helpful info to guide you in your purchase. There are some terms that are important for you to know, and other terms that are just fun to know! 

Now, if you'll indulge me for just a moment, I would like to share a bit from my heart.

Although it's obvious that we entrepreneurial types do open stores like these to be "in business," what we choose to offer often reflects a passion, something that has made a difference in our lives, that we want to share...

When I was a little girl, my dad brought me a pearl bracelet he bought in an airport gift shop. He'd been away for a month, and I had missed him.

His giving me that bracelet told me that he missed me, too, because it was a gift that I knew he'd specifically chosen for me, something he rarely did.

All these years later, I still have it.

Were the pearls genuine? Of course not. Are they "pearls of great price?" 


Thank you so much, and it is my deepest hope that you will find, and cherish, your own special pearls. 

Leslie Eyton
Certified Pearl Specialist
Cultured Pearl Association of America




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