Pearl Buying & Jewelry Sizing Guides

Ever wonder how different pearl sizes compare? Or what some of the descriptive terms mean? Included here under PEARL TALK are some visuals to help you choose.

If you need a little help with bracelet or necklace sizing, just scroll down to JEWELRY SIZING.

And, if you'd like to embark on your own journey to becoming a Certified Cultured Pearl Specialist with the CPAA, go to today and get started!  


How Is Quality Measured?

Pearl Quality Indicators

 What Shapes Are They?

Pearl Shapes


What Other Colors Are They?

Non-White ("Fancy") Pearl Colors

"Fancy" Pearl Colors
How Do Pearl Sizes Compare?
Infographix Directory Pearl Sizing Chart
As an FYI:
  • Akoya pearls are the traditional white pearls usually sourced primarily from Japanese waters. They are the standard against which virtually all other pearls have been measured.
  • Freshwater pearls come from mussels, not oysters, and offer the widest range of sizes.
  • Tahitian and South Sea pearls are tropical giants with the thickest nacre coatings and often the most lustrous surfaces.
  • See "Pearl Types" below for more fun details!

Pearl Types

Comparing Pearl Types


Measuring for Bracelet Fit

Measuring for Bracelets


Comparing Necklace Lengths

Necklace Length Comparisons 



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